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Get Back Whips

Antler Creek now has Get-back Whips to dress your bike with old school style. These are high quality braided leather and feature a quick release or "panic snap". They make for a unique accessory that also make you more visible to other drivers.


A little bit of History

Back in the day, you'd see motorcycle riders sporting a get-back whip hanging from their brake or clutch lever. The leather get-back whips were usually made in the motorcycle club colors to display their colors and for Club Recognition.

Get-back whips originally began sometime in the 40's, mostly seen in California. These "old school" accessories are now returning to the motorcycle culture and are becoming very popular across the country. You do not have to belong to a motorcycle club to own one of our handcrafted get-back whips.

Get-back whips from Antler Creek are available in a variety of colors. Call for more info.

You can forget what you do for a living when your knee is on the Pavement.


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